JATCO CVT8 (for 2.0-to-3.5-liter FWD vehicles) which combines better environmental performance and a stronger, sportier drive

“JATCO CVT8” expands its suitability to the 2.0-to-3.5-liter classes. Keeping the CVT’s smooth drive, this unit achieves a top class ratio coverage while being compact, and with sophisticated improvements to the efficiency of the respective mechanisms, a significant reduction in friction has been achieved, improving fuel economy by up to 10%*1 the conventional CVT. Quickness of the power train, quick response, acceleration, and the unified feel to the acceleration and engine sound can be felt the moment the driver steps on the accelerator, all thanks to the hardware development and advanced control technology.


Introducing the features of "JATCO CVT8", a technology driven, environmentally caring, new generation CVT providing strong, sporty performance.