This section uses movies and other media to provide an overview of transmissions as well as a detailed introduction to the operating principles behind the belt CVT and the transmission for hybrid FR vehicles manufactured by JATCO.


Transmissions draw out the performance of a car

The transmission provides a comfortable drive by transmitting the optimal power from the engine to the tires. It is a vital device in the structure of an automobile. There are two types of transmissions: automatic transmissions (AT), which shift automatically, and manual transmissions (MT), which shift manually through operations carried out by the driver.

JATCO is a manufacturer of automatic transmissions, which play an invisible but important role in a vehicle.

Depending on the programming of the control software and design of a transmission system, the transmission can significantly influence the maneuverability, fuel efficiency and environmental performance of an automobile.

Transmission systems have continued to evolve in tandem with the evolution of automobiles. Among the various types of AT, the CVT, which shifts without steps through a belt and pulley system, is currently the center of attraction.